7 Apr 2015

The Merits of Custom Marble Bathtubs

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 7 April 2015

The kitchen may be the “heart” of the home, but the bathroom is the oasis.

An escape from every-day life, a well-designed bathroom must be a tranquil respite, and evoke a sense of peacefulness, no matter the style. As every designer knows, each room has its own centerpiece, and for the bathroom that centerpiece is a gorgeous marble bathtub.

Custom Marble Bathtub by Kreoo

By now, you probably know Kreoo crafts the best marble seating, sinks and shelves on the market.  But have you ever seen what our master sculptors can do with a bathroom space?

Kreoo and parent company Decormarmi have been designing custom marble projects for international royalty and diplomats for decades.  Many of these private residences have never been photographed, but you only need to look at Kreoo’s Nabhi Bowl no. 1, or Decormarmi’s 50th Anniversary sculptures to see the possibilities.  Sometimes the designs that are on the market just aren’t what you need.  What you see in your imagination can come to life.  With the right artist, the right stone anything is possible.

carved marble sink by Kreoo

Nabhi Bowl no.1 carved marble sink by Kreoo

Currently Kreoo does not offer a standardized line of tubs but when it comes to a custom marble bathtub, our designers are who you want in your corner. Whether that means creating a design around a specific space, or a concept that no other designer has hit on, Kreoo is ready to make the tub you’ve been dreaming of.

We don’t take design lightly. Through a master’s vision, marble becomes art. This is our passion and our life. As an artisan company, we can do much more than the average bathtub manufacturer. When a sculptor makes a tub, he creates a work of art.

At Kreoo we train the most skilled marble workers in the business. Due to our over five decades of experience and training, our artisans can do things with marble that few others can. Through a knowledge of structure, ergonomics and physics we use the laws of nature to create solid, durable structures in extremely thin widths of stone.

We have access to the world’s most sought-after materials so your designs can come to life exactly as you envisioned them. Going beyond “type” of stone, we’ll find the exact piece of stone to best suite your project, down to the exact color and veining pattern.

Decormarmi marble bathroom

We’ve partnered with renowned designers in every industry, working in everything from royal palaces to private homes, from public art to hospitality.  With this international experience, we are well versed in the art of meeting price requirements.  Whether that means finding alternate material options, adjusting the final design, working out quantity discounts we can make luxury work for nearly any budget.  Most people are surprised to find that a Kreoo quote is often significantly lower than local companies who can’t provide nearly the selection or design capabilities.

Design, price, and quality – everything a design needs.  Next time you find yourself searching for the perfect centerpiece for your bathroom overhaul, think custom marble bathtubs.  Think Kreoo.