2 May 2014

The Definition of Luxury

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 2 May 2014

What defines “Luxury”?


Nabhi Bowl no1 by Kreoo

Is it an enormous price tag? Is it a famous name holding the title of designer? Or is it something else… And how does the term luxury apply to bespoke bathroom fixtures like marble sinks? It can be a difficult thing to define in any concrete terms because luxury, like style, is subjective. To one person, opulence is luxurious. To another it’s sleek, modern style accompanied by the best of modern design.

Unique Designs

One of the first and most easily determined quality of luxury marble sinks should be design. Marble sinks are available around the world; however, just because a sink is made from marble doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a luxury fixture. If it’s mass-produced, it might still be high-end if it’s made from natural stone, but it’s far from real luxury.

A unique design not found in mass-produced fixtures, is a definitive sign of true luxury. If you can walk into any DIY center and purchase a sink pre-packaged in a box, it’s hardly a luxury fixture. If the same sink can be found in thousands of other homes, it’s definitely not a luxury item. Custom designed marble sinks on the other hand, are without doubt luxury pieces.



Nabhi Bowl no6 by Kreoo

Marble is found and quarried around the world; however, not all marble is the same. Some types of marble are ideal for a home’s architectural elements or key bathroom fixtures. Other types are suited for little more than low-end production needs. Italian marble has earned the reputation of being the finest marble in the world, and has been showcased everywhere from Vatican City and Buckingham Palace, to the halls of the elite in America. Bringing that highest quality Italian marble to a home’s bathroom fixtures is the epitome of luxury.

Designer Vision

When it comes to luxury marble sinks, the vision of the designer is very important. If the designer is simply attempting to add a bit of flair to a utilitarian fixture, the result will not be “luxury”. Rather, it will be a designer utilitarian fixture. To create luxury out of something so “everyday”, the designer must express his or her vision through the stone, creating something that is at once both a sink and a work of art.

Going beyond designer vision, homeowners too can input their personality into a design through a manufacturer who specializes in customization.  Custom designed furniture is the hallmark of every luxury home, but finding an experienced manufacturer can present a challenge.


Luxury marble sinks by Kreoo

Kreoo, backed by custom stone design firm Decormarmi, features stunning luxury marble sinks that fulfill every definition of “luxury” and more. Designed by master artisan Enzo Berti, Kreoo’s collections capitalize on their Italian heritage and decades of tradition throughout the manufacturing process. Each piece is hand crafted by experienced marble designers; ensuring the intangible flair that only comes through human intuition.

The result: breathtaking artwork that functions as bath fixtures, seating arrangements, outdoor design elements, and anything else a home could need.

As for reputation – Kreoo pieces have been featured in the finest luxury showcases and design events around the world.