19 Jun 2019

Stone Italiana Finishes


Stone Italiana Gloss finish has an extraordinary shine, thanks to special processing and technology developed by experts.


Stone Italiana Cartapietra finish is characterized by natural colors, it’s a matter on which the architect can work through different surface finishes, emotional and vibrant. Cartapietra marks an evolution in thinking recomposed quartz, where the advanced industrial technology is accompanied by the randomness and uniqueness of natural stone.


This honed and brushed finish offers a slight texture and smooth feel to each surface.


    • (rough and brushed)
    • Features a natural comparison to the look and feel of a raw, uneven textured rock surface.
    • Ripple effect

JAIPUR 14.15

A gorgeous textured finish characterized by textural variations offering a ripple effect, making each slab unique and unrepeatable. This finishes most outstanding feature is a complete lack of uniformity of the surface finish.