9 Nov 2021

Stone Italiana Cosmolite®

Dear Architect / Environmental Designer,

My name is Roberto Dalla Valle and I am the founder of STONE ITALIANA. In 1979, I invented worldwide the first slab of engineered Stone, quartz made for its better performance.

Nobody maybe knows it, but the original quartz is still in STONE ITALIANA and still 100% Made in Italy. I invented it.

When in the far 1979 I left the printing business of which I was the owner to embark on a new adventure in the field of interior finishing, I found I was driven by great enthusiasm and the perception of being able to revolutionize the way of thinking regarding interior design.

Today, after having contributed to some of the most famous architectural projects in the world, I can say that I still feel the same passion, which I share with all of the women and men who work every day to improve our company and our products. We always made it recycling many components as Mirror, Glass, Old PC Hard Disk, Shells etc…

This is why I was positive impressed about your interest in COSMOLITE.® I felt an immediate affinity, not only for the very important topic, but also for the positive energy with which you conveyed in your choice. We wholly support your mission. Besides, since the time, 42 years ago when I started this business, by producing stone surfaces recomposed into slabs, I have never stopped researching and experimenting, making the recycling of various materials a characteristic foundation of the company’s DNA.

I am therefore particularly proud to be able to present to you today our latest sustainable creation, conceived after months of research and experimentation in the laboratory: COSMOLITE®. Composed entirely of pre-consumer recycled aggregates other than quartz, these high-tech slabs reduce the environmental CO2 impact while contributing to industrial innovation. While, on the other hand, COSMOLITE® enhances, gives value to and introduces the recycled product into a new production process, on the other it proposes an exclusive quartz-free formula: 0% quartz – 100% pre-consumer recycled minerals and inert components.

For us, production has always been an opportunity for ethical and responsible growth, which is why we have deliberately chosen to undertake the EPD Certification, LEED V4 Map and prompting us to draw up the CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY REPORT.

Let us support each other in the efforts for an architecture with a lower environmental impact, because it is only together that we can save ourselves and the planet from a disastrous epilogue. Adopting a new business philosophy: a human Sustainability, including Social, Environmental and Economical Sustainability.