4 Apr 2012

Restaurante Kabuki Wellington – Neolith

Spanish Chef Ricardo Sanz, holder of four Michelin Stars, is well-known for his Japanese-Mediterranean cuisine, offered in his Kabuki restaurants in Spain; two in Madrid (one of them located in the basement of the Wellington Hotel, in the heart of La Milla de Oro), in Abama (Tenerife) and Marbella.

Ricardo Sanz is one of the chefs who has contributed the most to the evolution of gastronomy in Spain. He is breaking barriers by fusing Japanese techniques with Spanish product with such a degree of perfection that each of his four restaurants is recognised with a Michelin Star.

Ricardo Sanz tests the Neolith worktop while he prepares a dish of sashimi directly on the worktop, proving he is at the top of his millenary cuisine.

Chef Sanz features in an instructional video that makes parallels between the characteristics of Japanese cuisine and the material itself – the art of combining raw materials and technology.

Ricardo Sanz tests the NEOLITH kitchen counter, making sushi directly on it. Ricardo Sanz tests the NEOLITH countertop, making sushi directly on it.