The UDESIGN Kitchen sink collection offers three types to meet the requirements of space and design of the kitchen: the 33.40 sink, small enough, to fit a double sink, the 50.40 sink, which size allows to use it alone or combined with a small 33.40 sink; the 70.40 sink which is very large for the larger kitchens, all in the colours and with features of Stone Italiana Quartz.




Sink Models


Red Zinco Orange Verde Milano
Anis Torba Vanilla Grigio Milano
Taupe Fango Acciaio Viola Glamour
Greige Gigner Greenbell Brillante Bianco
Platino Thyme Superwhite Pepper Imperiale

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About UDesign Kitchen

UDESIGN Kitchen is a collection of kitchen sinks in quartz, monoliths, shaped, available in many colours. A revolutionary new frontier that allows the most complete continuity between countertop and sink: identity of tone and identity of performance. UDESIGN, in fact, is made of the same raw material that makes up the kitchen top Stone Italiana and it is easy to clean and maintain.