Stone Italiana UDesign Bathroom IN Collection is characterized by the continuity of the vanity top with the washbasin integrated in the same colour and finish. The raw materials used for the realization of the washbasin are the same as the quartz top and ensure: colour harmony between washbasin and top; same technical features of scratch resistance and water resistance as the slabs. Also the excellent finishing’s ensure invisible joints and the size and shape of the top integrated are customizeable upon request.





Red Zinco Orange Verde Milano
Anis Torba Vanilla Grigio Milano
Taupe Fango Acciaio Viola Glamour
Greige Gigner Greenbell Brillante Bianco
Platino Thyme Superwhite Pepper Imperiale

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About UDesign

UDESIGN is the new and revolutionary frontier of Stone Italiana, which overcomes the limits of flat surfaces and takes quartz into the 3D space of bathroom and kitchen accessories.