At Marble Trend we are able to offer our clients prestigious materials from around the world. Our Unique Finds collection features non-stock, special offer materials available to order upon request.

Please pay special attention to Unique Finds notes below.




LOT #MOG262019 – 305 x 190 x 3 cm

Lot #MOG552018 → 310 x 190 x 2cm

Lot #MOG10172017 → 300 x 170 x 3 cm

Important Unique Finds Notes

  • This is a non-stock item and can be brought in on special order only.
  • Natural stone varies per lot.
  • The enclosed images of this stone are to be used as a reference & may not reflect the current stock availability.  
  • Updated images of this stone are available upon request.
  • This item may be subject to minimum quantity. Please inquire.