Mixed Hidden Profile System

Neolith Strongfix System is a longitudinal mixed (chemical and mechanical) hidden profile system which works due to the pressure created by the system in the rear of a Neolith board.

After a strong investment on technology and R & D in order to penetrate in the specification sector, TheSize presents the STRONGFIX system; an anchoring system for ventilated facades that includes a Neolith slab of 6 mm thickness, slotted and assembled to aluminum profiles required to hang the pieces. In addition, TheSize offers to customers a highly personalized service where its Architectural Project Department, works closely with the architects of each project to jointly customize and calculate the most efficient use of the Neolith pieces and then, develop, produce and cut-to-measure pieces and profiles or each project. All this (slab, anchoring system, consulting service, cutting and assembling, etc) as a “complete package” that avoids intermediaries along the chain and therefore helps optimizing budgets and times.