Horizontal profile, continuous support of upper and lower anchoring, fixed to the vertical profile with self-tapping screws  with the function of supporting the weight of the cladding and wind load. Specifically designed for varying cladding thicknesses and fixed to the cladding panels. Designed for porcelain claddings and/or stone claddings featuring remarkable compressive strength. The technique implemented in this system uses an extruded aluminum anchoring machined by specific geometry in order to fit a horizontal profile with height adjustments.



  • Minimum wall cladding thickness: 10 mm.
  • Recommended minimum joint: 9 mm horizontally and 3 mm vertically.
  • Machining: drill calibrated by backfilling the parts
  • Calculations made with maximum densities up to 3000 kg/m3.


  • Designed to solve the fastening of thin claddings, especially for slate/phyllite panels due to their high level of exfoliation.
  • Designed to solve the fastening of claddings with vertically positioned panels with continuous horizontal joints or free vertical joints
  • Recommended for compact material i.e. granite, basalt etc.