A product designed to ease the laying of NATURA Sintered Stone pavers for a simplified installation that doesn’t require glue or concrete. Designed to avoid chipping and keep joint thickness consistent along the entire paving without using spacers.



  • Tile can easily be laid inside the interlocking tabs.
  • No glue, concrete or pedestals required.
  • Drive-over safe for light traffic with 3cm thickness.
  • Guaranteed consistent joint thickness without use of spacers.
  • Allows for continuous water drainage
  • Space between base and external environment reduces the passage of noises.
  • Tabs can be used as a tile protector to avoid chipping.
  • Material of the product affects the comfort of the laid paving.
  • Installation is not permanent and can be removed, reused and relocated at any time.

Sustainable Features

  • Made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • 100% recyclable after its use.