Completely hidden anchoring positioned parallel to the vertical uprights and is especially designed for thin claddings, in particular porcelain stoneware. The whole system is applied with high specification adhesive in order to guarantee correct fastening with the highest level of safety. The system is easy to be applied and requires 1mm machining on the edge of the cladding panels in order to house the anchoring flanges.


Technical Specifications

  • Minimum wall cladding thickness: 9 mm. Maximum thickness of 20 mm.
  • Recommended minimum joint: 7 mm horizontally and 3 mm vertically.
  • The system requires no machining
  • Calculations made with maximum densities up to 3000 kg/m3.


Multi-purpose elastic adhesive putty based on mono-component polyurethane with a medium to high curing module with atmospheric humidity. The application method is very simple, using cords in the vertical profile, requiring a primer or bonding bridge prior to application for correct adhesion to the profile and later to the porcelain stoneware.