Completely hidden anchoring designed for large format thin claddings with small thicknesses such as sintered ceramics, glass, composites, fiber-cement etc. The system is applied with high specification adhesive and is equipped with support anchors, rollover resistant elements and double sided tapes to guarantee correct and long-life fastening with the highest level of safety. The flatness of the cladding in contact with the tape and adhesive is guaranteed to obtain the optimal degree of functionality.



  • Minimum wall cladding thickness: 3 mm. Maximum thickness of 15 mm.
  • Recommended minimum joint: 3 mm horizontally and 3 mm vertically.
  • Calculations made with maximum densities up to 3000 kg/m3.
  • Single slot at the rear side at 45º.


Designed for large formats arranged horizontally and for architectural designs with vertical panel layout.


Mixed hidden system, double fixation – chemical and mechanical – Mechanization through punctual groove / kerf on the back of the cladding.