Textured cantilever vaults design games of perception and light, creating geometric shapes that can be aggregated and split up at the onlooker’s discretion, lending these 3d stone tiles a dynamic feel, making it look like it opens up towards the architecture of the past, yet with a touch of contemporary design and innovation.



  • 23 ⅝” x 23 ⅝” x 2cm
  • 47 ¼” x 23 ⅝” x 2cm

Material options

About Lithos

Lithos Design Company works only with natural stone, and in particular with limestones, sandstones and marbles, and does not use agglomerates and manufactured or synthetic stones. Like all other natural materials, the appeal of stone is linked to its uniqueness, a feature which is further emphasized by the unusual merger with industrialization processes and mass production.