Complex engraving patterns working on several planes, inclines and depths. The surfaces of these stone wall coverings for interiors, so masterfully processed, light up with ideal tone nuances creating exciting and highly refined atmospheres.

The Nuance collection is the result of an in-depth study by designer Raffaello Galiotto as to the expressive potential of some stone materials characterized by an homogeneity of colour and texture, exploring how to enhance their chiaroscuro qualities through design. Different thicknesses, levels, cuts and a strong sensory texture: in these tiles, light is refracted on the decorated material in an intricate game of contrasts, and splits into a multitude of planes, expressing endless chiaroscuro variations in a spectacular scale of shades.



Lithos Tartan is available in the following material options:

Gris St Pierre Bianco Cotone Botticino Vaniglia
Grigio Tundra Beige Canapa Carrara Ghiaccio

About Lithos

Lithos Design Company works only with natural stone, and in particular with limestones, sandstones and marbles, and does not use agglomerates and manufactured or synthetic stones. Like all other natural materials, the appeal of stone is linked to its uniqueness, a feature which is further emphasized by the unusual merger with industrialization processes and mass production.