Xplus2 is the widely established high-resistance solvents-free, zero toxic emissions varnish with a sleek satin appearance. Incredible resistance to wear and tear and good elasticity of the varnish, it protects the wood surface overtime putting off the first re-sanding operation and minimizing maintenance. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.


  • Acrylic, U.V. cured, 100% dry residue (solvent free) varnish are applied
  • these varnishes are specifically designed to obtain the best results in terms of resistance to wear (more than 30.000 Taber rotations – test performed by CS10 grindstone, abrasion until the wood is exposed), elasticity of the varnish, adherence to the wood and transparency.
  • XPlus22 finish has a smooth surface, sleek satin appearance with a fully compact pore and a surface reflectance of approximately 18 gloss.

Recommended applications