Oleonature is the natural oils-based, air-dried finish. Thanks to a special protective treatment applied as a last coating, it is characterized by high protection and practicality of maintenance. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.


Air-dried natural oils-based finish. The oils-based finish incorporates colour pigments in some products such as Oak “Michelangelo”. Before finishing is applied, some wood species undergo a brushing treatment, to remove the soft parts, highlighting the wood pores and fibres. Thanks to the industrially applied final protective coating, the Oleonature finish ensures easy maintenance compared to other oil finishes and better resistance against household liquids’ penetration.

Products with natural oil finishing tend to get a yellowish colour tone, should these products be kept, for instance, in the boxes for a longtime or not being exposed to light and air. It’s an utterly natural and transitory phenomenon.

This effect is reversible within a few days and the wood can restore its original appearance, once the boards are exposed to air and direct sunlight whilst in an environment with artificial light it may take up to few weeks.

Recommended applications