Naturplus2 is the special Solvents-free varnish characterized by a natural matte aspect, applied after a brushing treatment enhancing the wooden grain. It combines the benefits of a high-resistance protection with a natural finishing, whilst keeping the authentic appearance of the matter. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology


Acrylic, U.V. cured, 100% dry residue (solvent free) varnishes are applied; these varnishes are specifically designed to obtain excellent results in terms of resistance to surface abrasion (more than 10.000 Taber rotations – test performed by CS10 grindstone, abrasion until the wood is exposed), elasticity of the varnish, adherence to the wood and transparency.

NaturPlus2 finish is only available with a brushed finish: a special treatment is performed on the wood’s surface before the varnish is applied in order to accentuate the appearance of the wood’s natural pores and fibres. The surface reflectance of the NaturPlus2 finish has a value of approximately 7 gloss.

Recommended applications