The marble surface is marked with graphics with bi-colored or three-dimensional effects.



Wall & Floor Covering


24″ x 24″ x 2cm

Material Options


Kreoo Weave patterns are available in Bas-Relief, inlay or Graffiti design.

Bas-Relief  – The classic bas relief technique where the sculptor shapes the design into a single form of marble. (Wall applications only)

Inlay – The inlay process composes each tile by fitting precision-carved inserts into a marble base. This style can feature a variety of inserts in materials like Murano Glass, Brass or other metals, semi-precious stones and more. (Wall and floor applications).

Graffiti – Graffiti is Kreoo’s patented carving technique that grafts two different marbles to form a three dimensional tile. In this special process, we adhere two marble pieces, one on top of the other, then carve any of our pre-selected designs into the top tile. This removes a portion of the top tile to reveal the color of the bottom marble in a beautiful pattern. (Wall applications only)