In Kreoo Rondo, The effect is optical, with a composition that creates a kaleidoscope of figures. The proportion and harmony of decorative elements of classical origin is the inspiration for Rondò, the collection of wall coverings designed by Enzo Berti. In this product family, natural stone features a bas-relief surface developed on several levels and depths, engraved and worked from the shape of the semicircle, further reinforced by its marked edges.



Wall & Floor Covering


60 x 60 cm

Material Options & Mixes


Kreoo Rondo patterns are available in Bas-Relief, inlay or Graffiti design.

Bas-Relief  – The classic bas relief technique where the sculptor shapes the design into a single form of marble. (Wall applications only)

Graffiti – Graffiti is Kreoo’s patented carving technique that grafts two different marbles to form a three dimensional tile. In this special process, we adhere two marble pieces, one on top of the other, then carve any of our pre-selected designs into the top tile. This removes a portion of the top tile to reveal the color of the bottom marble in a beautiful pattern. (Wall applications only)