Inspired by the tiny opaline universe hidden within a rough asymmetric shell, it acts as a reminder of the value connected to the elegance and pleasures of life. The resulting design bases itself on the balance of the two aesthetics in an experience enriched by water. A handmade Olive Grey marble exterior reveals a textured finish, which contrasts a smooth polished interior made from resin and coated with a mother-of-pearl finishing. The internal ergonomic shell exudes the metaphor of the “pearl”, realized through the wellnessbased detailing of the Airpool system, in which the bottom of the tub is composed of tiny holes pouring a steady stream of air into the liquid mass, moving with a pleasant sensation and massaging the body. Designed with cutting-edge innovation, the border opens up towards the center revealing a panel of control for the machinery dedicated to the emanation of the water jets. Pearl is conceived for both residential and hospitality projects. Existing within a special collection created for wellness, the luxurious tub elevates the relationship between matter, light, water and refined technology.



Airpool Bathtub


1,820 x 975 x 552 cm