The projection of the structure on the top – a thin cross with soft profiles and corners – is the main aesthetic feature of More, the collection of round and oval tables in different sizes designed by Marco Spatti.

The base is composed of vertically connected slabs of natural stone, whose shape emerges on the surface of the top, which can be realized in the same type of marble – selectable among the eight proposed in the catalogue – or in contrast. Also available with a dark bronze covering foil, the decorative motif provides an additional texture on the top: each of its branches extends into a simple line to the edge of the top, where an elegant bevel is generated. The result is the possibility of working with smaller slabs of marble, thus reducing the waste of material, while the architecture of the product allows the creation of large tables, which would be impossible to produce from a single slab of marble. In the oval version, ideal also for meeting rooms, the base of More is doubled and the elliptical top is perfectly structured in two “focuses”.




Circular Table

  • Ø 160cm x h 73 cm
  • Ø 120cm x h 30/39 cm

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Rectangular Table

  • 140cm x 90 x h 30/39 cm
  • 120cm x 120cm x h 30/29 cm

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