Merletto is a marble wall cladding, which by its extraordinary and refined beauty, design and precision seems handmade by Burano Island lace-maker. A wise succession of circular motives skillfully woven into marble, a refined plot worked into bas–relief, that shines for the perfection of details that look like real tangle of wire. Merletto represents the continue research of the designer and the producer who look for the reinterpretation of the typical Venetian tradition.



Wall Covering

Material Options

Surface Finishes

Kreoo Merletto patterns are available in Bas-Relief, inlay or Graffiti design.

Bas-Relief  – The classic bas relief technique where the sculptor shapes the design into a single form of marble. (Wall applications only)

Graffiti – Graffiti is Kreoo’s patented carving technique that grafts two different marbles to form a three dimensional tile. In this special process, we adhere two marble pieces, one on top of the other, then carve any of our pre-selected designs into the top tile. This removes a portion of the top tile to reveal the color of the bottom marble in a beautiful pattern. (Wall applications only)