At the junction of tapered stem and transparent orb, light becomes a nearly volcanic incandescence, illuminating the magnificent veins of the onyx like a dawn or a sunset concealed by clouds. Equally incandescent is the glass blown by hand in the foundries of Murano, just as it was thousands of years ago, transformed into an organic form of transparent, fumed, or pulegoso glass with an infinity of tiny air bubbles that bring sea foam to mind. Three styles, each with its own lighting effect, plus a variety of heights and hues for the base.




Format Options

  • Ø 36cm x h 79.5cm
  • Ø 28cm x h 75.3cm
  • Ø36cm x h 51cm
  • Ø 28cm x h 46.8cm
  • Ø 36cm x h 43.5cm
  • Ø 28cm x h 39.3cm

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