The Balux LATUS vanity, made of high performance concrete, is distinguished by its pentagonal shape. This model is designed for small spaces. It is therefore possible to add an original touch to the design of a small room.




Available Colours

Custom Pantone and RAL colours available upon request.


Sinks are sized according to project requirements.


Faucet: Wall Mounted  |  Deck Mounted

Disposition: On Cabinet  |  Floating

  • The Balux Latus Vanity does not come with a pop-up drain. A standard tail piece is included.
  • If the faucet is deck mounted on the concrete vanity a 4 ½” space is necessary in the back of the sink.
  • If the faucet is wall mounted a 2″ space is sufficient.

Balux Notes

Due to concrete’s untameable organic nature, each Balux piece is subject to slight color variation, veins and air holes.