The Balux.MT FLO vanity, made of high performance concrete, is composed of a sloped sink for a unique look. Small stones can be placed on the linear drain to accentuate the decorative appearance while remaining practical. This concept is ideal for over size vanities.

Due to concrete’s untameable organic nature, each Balux.MT piece is subject to slight color variation, veins and air holes.





Standard Basin Sizes

20’’ x 17″ x 5” 24’’ x 17″ x 5” 30’’ x 17″ x 5” 36″ x 17″ x 5”
42″ x 17″ x 5” 48″ x 17″ x 5” 60″ x 17″ x 5”

Façade Thickness

1″ 2″ 4″ 6″ 8″

Max Length:  96”

Custom Dimensions Available


Natural Finishes

Honed Finishes

Colour Finishes

Terrazzo Finishes

Important Notes

Linear drain and tail piece included.