The Balux FLO vanity, made of high performance concrete, is composed of a sloped sink for a unique look. Small stones can be placed on the linear drain to accentuate the decorative appearance while remaining practical. This concept is ideal for over size vanities.

When choosing concrete, it’s important to know it’s untamable organic nature. Each piece is unique and bears imprints of every step of it’s creation. For that reason we easily fall in love with it’s imperfections which makes it look perfect.




Available Colours

Balux Flo is available in the following colours:

Balux Dark Grey Balux Pure White Balux Ash
Balux Pearl Grey Balux Charcoal


Simple Double
21″ x 36″ x 6″ 21″ x 72″ x 6″


Custom colours and sizes available upon request. Please inquire.