Balux BALI is made of a rounded basin of high performance concrete. This type of vanity fits with all styles of bathrooms. It’s a perfect option to be floating or mounted on a cabinet.




Available Colours

Custom Pantone and RAL colours available upon request.


Sinks are sized according to project requirements.


Faucet: Wall Mounted  |  Deck Mounted

Disposition: On Cabinet  |  Floating

  • The Balux Bali Vanity does not come with a pop-up drain. A standard tail piece is included.
  • If the faucet is deck mounted on the concrete vanity a 4 ½” space is necessary in the back of the sink.
  • If the faucet is wall mounted a 2″ space is sufficient.

Balux Notes

Due to concrete’s untameable organic nature, each Balux piece is subject to slight color variation, veins and air holes.