Gigacer Glossy Vert

Gigacer is a highly technical porcelain line leads the market for innovation and design. The experience and technology of this brand... View Article

Kreoo Zen

Kreoo Zen is a modular natural stone decoration fabricated with refined milling technologies with a cutting-edge CNC machine, to be... View Article

Vetrazzo Warranty

Polycor Vetrazzo, manufacturer of Vetrazzo surface products, will warrant to the owner of the original installation of Vetrazzo surface products,... View Article

Kreoo Loto 2

Kreoo Loto is a refined bowl with simple lines and a stave easel supports it. The result is the exaltation... View Article

MLG Quadrix

Quadrix XS and Quadrix XL are not the result of a randomness but of a personal search lasting years. What... View Article

MLG Plutone

Plutone Finish is characterized by perpendicular lines that create a refined texture inspired by furnishing fabrics. An original solution to... View Article

MLG Mercurio

MLG Mercurio Finish is born of simplicity. It is the result of careful retail research. It creates the right balance... View Article

MLG Marte

Marte, Marte XS, and Marte XL Finishes are geometry. Straight lines, parallel and of equal thickness cover the surface. The... View Article

MLG Venere

Venere Finish is excellent for creating movement in a simple and static space. The soft and sinuous lines that cover... View Article

MLG Papyro

MLG Papyro Finish comes from the idea of ​​giving the environment a greater depth, thus enhancing every space. From wall... View Article

PG Rigato H20

On a sandblasted surface powerful jets of water draw straight or crossed lines.

PG Rigato Light

A network of lines engraved with a laser give elegance to monochromatic materials. Available in standard lines perpendicular to the... View Article