25 Sep 2018

New Neolith Products 2019

New Products 2019 Neolith by TheSIZE

“The only limitation on design is imagination.”

Neolith took into consideration emerging design trends as an inspiration to create eight new colors. This year’s prototypes have been influenced by a rich and varied range of materials from natural woods, metals, stones and quartzites to artificial materials such as terrazzo and cement.


The “New Collection 2019” previewed during the Paris Design Week, proposed again in London during the NEOLITH® Design Festival, will be officially launched on the market at Marmomac, in Verona from 26 to 28 September at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Neolith “New York New York”

This seductive surface is influenced by the city’s infectious energy. It responds to the return of interest in concrete-like materials, with distinctive gray tones, and offers an urban style suitable for all interior design applications.

From the highly realistic Fully Body this special surface mixes opaque and shiny particles to create a pleasant visual effect.

Neolith “Mont Blanc”

A tribute to white quartzite, one of the most famous stone models currently on the market, has a neutral and enveloping tone, combining a creamy white background with subtle veins in shades of intense black, oxide and ocher.

Using a special technique, NEOLITH® was able to create a relief inside the plate exactly where the veins are, offering an original texture that is pleasant to the touch and evokes the slender beauty of the alpine landscape.

Neolith “Moon Light”

Inspired by the moon and its characteristic landscape, this model takes the texture of the famous Jura Stone to imitate its lunar surface.

Neolith remodels the brown limestone, taking advantage of the current trend for darker shades, to produce a sober and sophisticated gray variation.

Neolith “Sofìa Iron 1”

The two surfaces Neolith Sofía Iron 1 and Sofía Iron 2, very dark but at the same time sober, represent an evolution of the increasingly popular Iron Collection inspired by iron.

Neolith “Sofìa Iron 2”

The semi-polished finish of these two models creates an irregular effect that gives the surfaces a more worn touch and feel. Available surface in both “Copper” and “Moss” finishes.

Neolith “Scandinavia”

Wooden motifs are essential for interior design, following the success of the award-winning La Bohème, Neolith developed the Scandinavia model for 2019.

This pale-toned surface inspired by untreated oak wood infuses a soothing atmosphere. With soft curves and delicately contrasting knots, its softness adds balance to the space.

Neolith “Venice Midnight”

Terrazzo has a long history, widely used by Venetian stonecutters, has become over time a true design classic. Its growing popularity has influenced Neolith’s Retrostone model, and has led to the development of another variation on the theme: Venice Midnight.

This slab takes up the Terrazzo theme but increases its contrast, for an even more surprising visual effect. With a larger texture than the traditional one, a special technique was used to highlight the contours of the white stone creating a very interesting irregular effect.

Neolith “Mar de Plata”

A model inspired by the exotic granite “Dark Pearl”, a Brazilian stone from the Neolith Granith collection by TheSize, this elegant and rippled slab incorporates strips of undulating white quartz on a gray background.

With a slate stone relief, the slab mimics the fluidity of water that evokes the flow of a mighty South American river. The lighter striations are produced with a special technique that gives texture to the veins. Particles of bright particles in all the stone also create a beautiful mother-of-pearl effect.

Credit: Domus Marmi