15 May 2014

New Moon by Kreoo

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 15 May 2014

For over 50 years, the master designers at Decormarmi have gained inspiration from the effortless beauty of nature.  Today we’re introducing a piece born out of perhaps the greatest, most alluring mysteries of our time – the night sky.

LUNAThe moon has long been hailed as one of the most enigmatic creations in our universe.  It reigns as king of our night sky, surrounded by stars and planets that bask in its glow.  The moon’s constancy and its constant change are breathtaking to behold.  And in honor of this moon in its full glory, designer Enzo Berti has created a work of art depicting this hallmark of our world.

New Moon by Kreoo. The design of the seats and tabletops springs from the phases of the moon as seen in nature.

Introducing: NEW MOON by Kreoo

Debuted in Milan during Italy’s premiere design week, Kreoo’s “New Moon” draws on the mystery and intrigue of the lunar patterns in the night sky. New Moon is a flexible seating and table system crafted with the finest Italian marble, wood and metal accents.

Emulating our view of the moon’s gradual changes from night to night, New Moon comes in various shapes following the lead of our night friend.

New Moon is seen best when hooked together with multiple stands in a sort of grouping pattern. Shown from above, this creates a stunning view reminiscent of the Moon and planets in orbit.

New Moon by Kreoo marble seating and tables

New Moon by Kreoo marble seating and tables

New Moon comes in a variety of customizable colors and materials from Calacatta to Rosso Alicante Marble; and can be combined with a nearly endless selection of wood and metal finishes.

Such incredible flexibility allows this Kreoo design to fit seamlessly into any style.  And the fluid nature of the design enables it to become a statement piece, the heart stopping focal point of any room or a subtle accent, enhancing the natural feel of a space.

moon 2

Bold, or nuanced, but always refined.