4 Jul 2019

Neolith plus PITT Cooking

Due to to the revolutionary characteristics that Neolith portrays in terms of resistance to high temperatures, all Neolith surfaces are available with the ability to integrate a PITT Cooking system.

PITT Cooking is a cooking system where separate burners are directly integrated into the countertop with all the technical parts hidden below the surface for flexibility in aesthetic and convenience of burners placed further apart for space. The collaboration between Neolith + PITT represents a shared passion for creating a gourmet kitchen experience at home. It shows designers the future of integrated and intelligent kitchens with a timeless European-inspired style.

An exciting collaboration born between two companies who share the same mindset, and passion for offering home cooks and professional chefs the perfect balance between innovative design and practicality. It will see both Neolith’s and PITT® cooking’s sales teams working closely to promote both products in conjunction as complementary accessories, showcasing the high-performance qualities of both the worktop and cooker.

Neolith + PITT has been introduced in trade shows around the world such as KBIS, as well as the Neolith Food & Roll world travelling food truck.

Please email us at info@marbletrend.com for more information about Neolith + PITT or to order your Neolith + PITT surface today.