16 Mar 2018

Neolith® Nero Marquina wins Interzum Award

Neolith Nero Marquina wins Interzum Award 2017 for High Product Quality and Intelligent Material & Design 2017.

Following its prestigious Red Dot Award in April, Neolith Nero Marquina continues to receive recognition from international design experts.

The timeless monochromatic décor, was recognized by the Interzum Award panel for its outstanding resemblance to the natural stone and the high quality properties of the Sintered material.

Inspired by marble from Spain, Neolith Nero Marquina is a pure black backdrop Sintered Stone with bright white veining achieved through the innovative decoration technique Neolith Digital Design (NDD). The award-winning décor is a testament to TheSize’s technical expertise, as the design team had to develop an exclusive technique to achieve the stark contrast and distinct fine lines.

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The product – which is described as “a pure black backdrop sintered stone with bright white veining” – received the award from the Interzum award panel because of its “outstanding resemblance to the natural stone” and “high quality properties of the sintered material”

Printing white on black is a task testing enough on paper, but when it came to achieving this perfect white veining on sintered stone, we had to think of a new technical avenue and push the boundaries of design even further,” said TheSize design head Carlos García.