24 Oct 2016

A Sleek Kitchen Renovation in Boca Raton (Miami, USA)

A Sleek Kitchen Renovation in Boca Raton (Miami, USA)

DESIGNER: Karen Press, Panache Design Consultants

Each era brings its own obsession to kitchen design. For more than three decades, that obsession has been granite, with the material topping homebuyers’ lists as a must-have for countertops. Designers and homeowners alike are now turning to alternative materials that support busier lifestyles with timeless designs and completely worry-free care.

I can certainly appreciate the beauty of granite and foresee that it will continue to be a staple in homes, especially for those seeking exotic variations”, said Karen Press, homeowner and owner of Panache Design Consultants in Boca Raton, Florida

“However, what many people don’t realize is that granite, and other natural stones, need to be sealed quite often, amounting to hundreds of dollars with each professional visit. Furthermore, each slab varies in color and it is virtually impossible to have a seamless look. It’s like a puzzle to match each slab, and this was not what I had envisioned for my home – I wanted each slab to match perfectly and effortlessly.”

Mrs. Press had her heart set on Carrara marble in a polished finish, but after testing the sample with wine, vinegar and a knife, the material proved to be too brittle. She was then introduced to NEOLITH®, a high performance Sintered Compact Surface. From her first introduction, she fell in love.

 “It was challenging to create the perfect design… NEOLITH® is exactly what I was looking for”.

My clients look to me for great transformations of their space, so when it came to my own home, it was challenging to create the perfect design,” said Mrs. Press. “I knew I needed to show clients what new materials are available on the market and get them to think beyond granite. NEOLITH® is exactly what I was looking for. I fell in love with the veining, the thick lines, the Polished finish and the movement of the slabs; it just added to the organic beauty.”

NEOLITH® surfacing is made to resemble the authentic beauty of marble and other natural stones, but in a more resilient material that never needs to be sealed and stands up to spills and any household cleaner. The surfacing is made from 100 percent natural raw materials, manufactured by a process that simulates the development of natural marble in just a few short hours. A proprietary design technology then imprints colors and veining to mimic the look of natural stone with impressive accuracy and precision.

With NEOLITH®, Mrs. Press knew she finally found the perfect material. To accomplish the backsplash and countertop redesign of her kitchen, she purchased seven of NEOLITH®’s Classtone slabs in the Estatuario design with a Polished finish. For her statement piece, the backsplash, she used Estatuario book-matched. “Book-matched is an art; with natural marble, the colors will never match perfectly. Symmetry and color was important to me – the backsplash is the first thing people see when they walk into the house and I really wanted it to be the anchor; the statement piece of the kitchen.”

With more than 50 designs to choose from and limitless application potential, NEOLITH® gives designers and other industry professionals the ability to have the timeless look in a durable alternative.