15 Aug 2014

Neolith featured in Embark 2014

Neolith By The Size
Written By: Mario Ramirez – Embark Mag
Published: August 15, 2014

When it comes to selecting surfacing material for your home, the options can seem endless. While many professionals and homeowners turn instinctually to high-maintenance materials such as granite, marble or wood, new, non-traditional materials can bring a luxury and modernity to home design unlike anything seen before. Looking for a seamless mix of durability and classic beauty? Look no further than Neolith.

Sleek and Strong, Neolith is a pioneer in the surfacing category called sintered compact surfaces. Te outcome of the latest research and development processes in the industry. Neolith is formed using a process called sinterization -a high pressure, high-temperature kilning technique -which results in a durable material perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks, flooring, outdoor living spaces, interior wall cladding applications and exterior facades. Sinterization makes the material dense, giving the product a near-zero porosity that is hygienic, stain resistant, easy to clean and impervious to harsh chemicals. Also wear, scratch, heat resistant, fade-proof and lightweight, Neolith is a great, easy-to-install option for professionals and homeowners looking for an edge in indoor and outdoor home design.

Neolith’s competitive edge in design is rooted in versatility. Available in a variety of thicknesses and size formats, as well as full-body and digitally enhanced designs, design-savvy professionals and homeowners have the freedom to execute their vision. Available in 34 colours across six pattern collections, Neolith’s rich colours range from full-body greens, blues and greys to multi-dimensional designs that pull from the industrial nature of iron and classicism of marble.

Fourteen of Neolith’s colours are full-body, which is helpful for design prodessionals looking for thin countertops with any stylistic need for mitering. Neolith also comes in 20 shades enhanced with Neolith Digital Design (NDD) printing. NDD gives Neolith’s signature slab the aesthetic quality and realistic look of a variety of materials -marble, stone, wood -with the added strength and dependability innate to sintered compact surfaces.

For the environmentally-conscious professional and homeowner, Neolith makes it easy to implement luxury designs without sacrificing a desire to stay green. The product comes with several certifications, earns LEED points and is 100-percent natural and recyclable, composed of up to 52% recycled content. Thin slabs require fewer raw materials, resulting in less oil erosion and the lighter weight means a reduction in the CO2 emissions associated with product transportation.

Available nationwide through a network of distributors, Neolith’s signature sintered compact surfaces are an ideal option for design professionals and consumers tired of tradition and looking for a touch of sleek, refined luxury.