4 Sep 2015

Mostrador Santa Teresita: Neolith

Chef: Fernando Trocca
Restaurant: Santa Teresita Counter
City: José Ignacio (Uruguay)
Colors: Tables – Estatuario (polished / silk)
Countertop – Neolith Avorio

Fernando Trocca is an internationally reknowned Chef from Argentina. Previous owner of El Diamante in Buenos Aires and Llers, and Vandam, Industry, Argentina restaurant in New York, he currently owns Sucre in Buenos Aires and Mostrador Santa Teresita Restaurant in Uruguay. He is also the executive Chef for the Gaucho international company.


Fernando regularly participates in popular TV shows, showcasing his eclectic and innovative gastronomic approach that merges traditional home cooking with a touch of a gourmet cuisine.

Fernando Trocca has just opened his new restaurant, Mostrador Santa Teresita in José Ignacio (Uruguay). As the space was closed for several years it was a real challenge to reopen. The concept was to bring back the nostalgia of the past and combine with the Chef’s current proposal.

Neolith Estatuario Silk and Neolith Estatuario Polished were specified for the communal as well as individual tables. The Chef creates dishes that are perfect for picnics at the beach, be it cold dishes, desserts and breakfasts, all prepared on a Neolith Avorio kitchen worktop.