Technical Information

Special Weight kg/m3 2790
Factor Absorptive wt% 0.23
Resistance in sadness kg/cm2 2100
Resistance in bending kg/cm2 59.3
Attrition by friction afterwards 1000m 6.68
Factor thermal dilation 1/K 9.1 x 10-6
Experiment refrigeration of – fusion Durable


  • Sample photos of this material are for reference only.
  • Natural stone is subject to variation. No two pieces are the same.
  • Sample photos are of small swatches and are not to scale of full-size pieces.
  • Sample photos are not necessarily reflective of our stocked items.
  • This material is available to order upon request based on your project requirements.
  • Please inquire for full size images, for photos of current available selections, or to inquire about stocked items.