The porphyritic rock currently used by the building construction industry for flooring, traditional and ventilated-wall facings, is a type of effusive volcanic rock-rhyolitic and rhyodalitic ignimbrites- that is commonly found in the earth’s mantle.

A particular chromatic effect, or a surface finishing, that the engineer intends to use to meet his project requirements, can be supplied by more than one material. However, when the designer requires a material with specific resistance and strength properties, the range of suitable materials can shrink considerably.






  • Apparent Volumetric Mass
  • Compressive Strength
  • Resistence to bending Stress
  • Freeze Performance
  • Elasticity Modulus
  • Resistence to Impact
  • Resistence to Abrasion
  • Coefficient of Water Absorption


  • Sample photos of this material are for reference only.
  • Natural stone is subject to variation. No two pieces are the same.
  • Sample photos are of small swatches and are not to scale of full-size pieces.
  • Sample photos are not necessarily reflective of our stocked items.
  • This material is available to order upon request based on your project requirements.
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