LUNDHS Emerald is durable, distinctive and 100% natural – an excellent choice for demanding interior and exterior surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, interior decoration, tiles for walls and flooring, cladding and facade, stairs and outdoor areas.


Sample Slab

Lundhs Emerald SAMPLE SLAB available for preview at Marble Trend Warehouse, Toronto.

  • 132″ x 73″ x 2cm
  • Polished / Silk Finish




Black Grey Blue


  • Guaranteed heat resistant up to 300°C/572°F (burn, scorch and crack resistant).
  • Low water absorption. Withstands water marks and staining from coffee, tea, oil, wine, citrus etc.
  • Dense and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean (low maintenance).
  • Resistant to fading from sunlight.
  • Great for high traffic flooring areas such as commercial projects.
  • Freeze thaw and thermal shock resistant (suitable for freezing climates).


  • Please note this is a reference sample only.
  • Sample appearances will vary and do not necessarily reflect our stocked items.
  • Please inquire about availability for your project requirements.