19 Mar 2015

Marble Trend featured in Toronto Sun

“Getting creative in kitchen design”

Written by Yanic Simard
Published March 19, 2015

— Yanic Simard is principal designer of the award-winning Toronto Interior Design Group (tidg.ca) and regular TV design expert on City-Tv’s Cityline.

With spring finally arriving, I bet you’re craving a taste of something new in your interior decor — so let’s start with the kitchen!

I thought the best way to open this new column would be with a very personal project: my own kitchen redesign for my downtown Toronto home. Whether you’re starting a full renovation or just want a quick bite of fresh decor, here’s my top five takeaway tips for making your kitchen feel like a spring chicken.

Get Chunky

A huge trend for current renovations is the solid slab backsplash, especially when matched to the counter material for a singular statement. In this case I used a continuous sheet of marble from Marble Trend cut to cover both surfaces, so even though there isn’t much area to cover the look feels large and ultra-luxe.

Tip: A deep square sink is one of my design go-tos, and a perfect minimalist counterpoint to a rich stone counter. Grab one with a matching sink grate for the ultimate in functionality.

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