16 Feb 2024

LUNDHS Real Stone: Quartz-Free

Facts and Figures from Lundhs Real Stone – Quartz-free Natural Stone from Norway

February 6, 2024, CBS News broadcasted the risks of cutting crushed quartz materials. Find the broadcast link here:

“The production of crushed quartz countertops may be causing deadly lung issues in workers. Engineered stone, also called quartz, is a popular material used for countertops in home kitchens or bathrooms because it can be made in an endless variety of colors and finishes. But many of the workers who make those counters are getting sick from a material called silica because it can seep into their lungs and leave them needing a lung transplant — or it can potentially be fatal. “(CBSNEWS.COM – LINK ABOVE)

CBS News’ Anna Werner has more. FEB 6, 2024

Natural Stone coming back into the spotlight is great for our industry in general. Facts and figures are always important to know and as our Lundhs Real Stone partner, we would like you to be able to answer questions with facts.

As an industry professional you understand that OSHA rules are important to follow when cutting any material. But it is when these rules are not followed either by malice or unawareness, that topics like cutting quartz and the risk of inhaling dust from crystalline silica become an issue.

Now, the news seems to be filtering down to the consumer level, and you might receive more questions about the content of different materials. Many in our industry are not aware that Lundhs Real Stone by nature, does not contain quartz mineral, and therefore free of crystalline silica. This increasingly heightened awareness brings us to explain a bit more about our materials.

Does Lundhs Real Stone contain quartz minerals or crystalline silica?

No! Lundhs Real Stone does not contain any quartz or crystalline silica, it is naturally quartz-free and consists mainly of feldspar minerals.

Mineral composition of Lundhs Blue, Larvikite:

  • Feltspar 78.5%
  • Pyroxene 5.5%
  • Opagues (magnetite, ilmenite): 3.5%
  • Olivine 3.5%
  • Amphibole 3.0%
  • Biotite 3.0%
  • Nepheline 2.0%
  • Apatite 1.0%

Mineral composition of Lundhs Antique, Anorthosite:

  • Plagioclase feldspar: 92%
  • Pyroxene: 5%
  • Opagues (magnetite, ilmenite): 1.5%
  • Chlorite: 1.5%

Does no quartz mean it is not as strong and easy to fabricate as other natural stones such as granite?

The feldspar minerals that are naturally tightly bound together in the stone create strength, density, and incredible stability during fabrication with no special blades needed (cuts like granite) and it does not release any crystalline silica dust during production since the stone is quartz free.

How can a quartz free product be an advantage to a specifier?

Today there are many categories in the design world. The category of “wellness” has taken off because of the pandemic. This means that some professionals are looking past the aesthetics and want to understand the entire effect of a product on the supply chain and how it relates to human health for example. If you are working with someone in this category, then this information can be vital to material selection.

Are Lundhs Real Stone Granites?

Lundhs Real Stone materials are Larvikite and Anorthosite and do not contain any quartz minerals. Granite contains, by definition, quartz mineral. Larvikite, Anorthosite and Granite are three different stone types. Larvikite and Anorthosite have a very different composition of minerals than Granite, and therefore it is not correct to sell them as Granite.

Why is it important to talk about stone types?

A stone type reveals the quality and performance of a stone and therefore it is important always to know what stone type you are working with, selling, and/or specifying to properly choose one that is suited for a specific application. Help your customers to learn about the facts of different stone types, so they can make informed choices based on the quality selection and performance they expect for their projects and homes.

What are the names and stone types of Lundhs Real Stone?

The Lundhs Real Stone collection consists of Larvikites: Lundhs Blue, Lundhs Royal, Lundhs Emerald and Anorthosite: Lundhs Antique.

Lundhs Real Stone® is a selection of Norwegian high performing natural stones, naturally quartz-free and thus free from crystalline silica, crafted by nature millions of years ago. Kitchen and bathroom professionals, architects and designers choose this natural stone based on its aesthetic appeal, qualities, durability, and suitability for many different areas of use.