9 Aug 2022

LUNDHS Real Stone from Norway

  • Lundhs Real Stone is a 100% Natural Stone exclusively found in Norway.
  • Unique geology called Larvikite.
  • Large and small formats available (slab and tile) for wall and floor design
  • Great for water areas such as spas, backsplashes & steam showers due to its naturally non-absorption property.
  • Easy maintenance. No sealing needed on honed, silk and polished finishes.
  • The unique feldspar reflective minerals found in Lundhs provides an endless array of room colour choices that reflect any style.
  • Lundhs is ISO-14001 certified – an international environmental certification that constantly enhances our environmental work.


Lundhs Emerald silk finish
Lundhs Blue kitchen worktop
  • Lundhs Real Stone is unique in that it contains ZERO % QUARTZ MINERAL
  • Primarily all Feldspar mineral.
  • A Solution for professionals focused on “wellness design”.
  • With more and more focus on Silicosis this an important fact to be aware of.
  • Lundhs’ stone production is governed by strict national, regional and local regulations regarding environmental impact.
  • Lundhs is ISO-14001 certified 
  • Sustainable Surface Choice – Lundhs encourage the building industry to use more sustainable surfaces by offering the right stone for the right purpose to minimize the need for replacement, renovation, and maintenance.
  • Lundhs aims to utilize 100% of the surplus aggregate from our quarries by 2025. Currently, waste is utilized for erosion rock, gravel for roadways and agricultural use from sediment.
  • We are restoring quarries back to nature.
  • Lundhs has signed a copy called, “guide against green-washing”, a Norwegian initiative created by business climate leaders, goal to become international. Validates Responsible companies that initiate large changes that have a measurable & positive impact on nature and people.
  • Lundhs has completed life cycle analysis on extraction and production process. Documentation currently being worked on. Will come at a later date. Official EPD. “Environmental Product Declaration”.

How does Lundhs Real Stone fit into the “new normal”? Cleanability & Resistance to household antimicrobial cleaners such as diluted beach, phenol etc…

Porosity of Lundhs  
Lundhs Blue 0.03%
Lundhs Royal 0.03%
Lundhs Emerald 0.16%
Lundhs Antique 0.09%

Internal quality control and full traceability

Our experienced block inspectors in our quarries are able to identify the smallest flaws, using skills and intuition developed over a number of years. They categorize the blocks into different colour and quality levels, making sure that the right colour and quality will be available for different purposes.

When we extract a block of stone from our quarries, we give them a unique block number. This number is traceable all the way from the quarry to the end product, ensuring that you get the perfect colour and quality level.

When you purchase a Lundhs Real Stone worktop from one of our recommended suppliers, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with the unique block number.