11 Feb 2019

Listone Giordano GREEN Properties

The tradition that links Listone Giordano to the culture of wood is established in the forests of Burgundy, in France, where the best raw materials have been selected for many years. The forestry management in this area embraces an integrated cycle of more than 180 years: every tree is registered, numbered and monitored in order to guarantee a gradual increase in the woodland heritage.

Listone Giordano long ago began moving in the direction of the responsible use of natural resources, checking the origins of the raw materials and ensuring traceability throughout the entire production process. This approach continues today, with a renewed committee on an international level, applying these principles also to tropical woods in order to guarantee eco-sustainable products.

Zero impact inexhaustible resource

Wood is a special material, projected by Nature and moulded by time, with the wise mastery and the patient dedication, basis of every masterpiece. A material built respectfully by nature. Unlike other natural raw materials wood is a practically an inexhaustible resource as it’s nourished only by solar energy and rain falls. Wood lifecycle is very slow, but absolutely ecological and renewable, if conducted according to a sustainable forestry management. A Forest cultivated, just like an agricultural soil, gives not only better products but also a significant social contribution.

Managed woods, with a controlled life cycle that encourage wood usage and its regeneration, represent a systems not only capable of oxygen production but most of all of carbon dioxide retaining and reduction even more efficiently then the ones grown wild.

A forest managed by putting into practice good forestry rules, while growing, not only continuously produces material of unique characteristics as beauty and performance, but also performs an extraordinary role in preserving atmosphere quality, hydro geological regulation and environmental conservation.

Wood usage, if applied following forestry regulations, unlike what happens for quarries or other natural resources, does not produce any environmental wound hence this is a zero impact activity.

The Benefits of using Wood

Man and wood have always intertwined a special relationship, in art history, construction, human inventions. In ancient languages wood was synonymous with “matter”. Today more than ever this relationship is reaching out to the future. The use of wood managed in a sustainable way, allows forest growth and amplifies the environmentally beneficial effects of the wood, therefore providing a better future to the planet. Every tree is cut at the peak of its life cycle and is substituted by a younger specimen type which, while growing, will absorb more carbon dioxide than its older predecessor.

Listone Giordano hardwood floor works in favor of the environment even after having been installed in the home. It improves thermal efficiency, balance environmental humidity, inhibits electrostatic charges accumulation and, as its adhesives and varnishes are non toxic and its emissions solvents free, creating natural conditions for a healthy living.

GREEN Certifications

Biosphera is a marking system based upon Listone Giordano’s green procurement policy which fulfils the need to provide the end-consumer with a brief, clear and useful piece of information regarding the source of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. This focuses uniquely on the safeguard of the forests with regards to the specific characteristics of multilayer wood flooring. Therefore it is not meant to replace the international certification protocols of broad diffusion, which usually refer to wider fields of interest and application. Listone Giordano, through this protocol, aims at promoting the culture of environmental responsibility and the purchase of certified wood species.


The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the international certification of the chain of custody which identifies those products containing wood originating from forests who have been managed in a correct and responsible way, according to strict environmental, social and economical standards.


PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) is the international certification for the chain of custody ensuring the sourcing of raw materials from eco-sustainable managed forests.


Listone Giordano finishes have been approved in keeping with EN71-3 regulations that ensure products are safe for children to play with.

Listone Giordano Crystalcare.
The anti-bacteria finishing.

Do you fancy walking barefoot on your wood floor? You can safely do it now thank to Crystalcare anti-bacteria finish developed by Listone Giordano and Icro. A simple additive incorporated in Naturplus2, Invisible Touch and Oleonature finishes ensures an anti-bacteria certification granted by CATAS s.p.a according to ISO 22196:2007 regulation.
The well being of the human being, the health of your children and the safety of the places where they live and play are the true focus of the innovative Crystalcare system. Especially suitable in the case of many public and private areas, especially for environments where you need a particular attention to hygiene and health factors: hospitals, offices, schools and so on.


Listone Giordano wood floors comply to the most restrictive class F **** classification system on formaldehyde emissions defined by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT): according to this class levels of Formaldehyde emissions must be below 5 μg / m²h.

Certification CARB2/TSCA title VI

The plywood panels used for Listone Giordano wood floors are in compliance with US TSCA Title VI and CARB phase 2 Formaldehyde emissions.

French certification emissions of volatile organic compounds.

French decree no. 2011 – 321 (23 March 2011 – Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing) imposes all manufacturers of building materials to declare VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions in the form of emission classes and requires mandatory labelling of products. Listone Giordano’s commitment to heath and the protection of its customers have lead to the A+ rating of all its products, the highest among those in the decree.

TÜV PROFICERT – product interior

It certifies that Listone Giordano 2-layer wood floors guarantee compliance with health and quality criteria selected by TÜV Hessen. A voluntary certification specifically developed for construction products intended for indoor application.

CE certification.

Listone Giordano strictly complies to all CE rules related to wood floors.


Listone Giordano cherishes customers health & therefore performs severe tests on its wood floors which show percentages largely below the limits set up by the class E1 regulation, which is amongst the strictest European regulations (UNI EN 14342).