13 Jul 2023

Listone Giordano Grades

Listone Giordano® Classica is available with the following grades.


Mixed grain. Some boards may show colour variations and knots. In the extra-wide boards (from 140 mm width) knots may be even tight and open.


Standard Mixed grain and color variations. The boards may have marked knots and silver grain.


Mixed grain and colour variation. Presence of knots both filled and open ones. Some wood boards may show sapwood according to the different wood species.


Mixed grain and colour variations. In Oak, widespread presence of knots, including filled or partially filled ones. In tropical species, in addition to marked colour contrasts, mineral formations typical of the structure of this type of wood may be visible.


Mixed grain, naturally uneven hue variation, marked and widespread presence of filled or open fissures as well as tight, filled or only partially filled knots.


Varied grain figure and contrasting colour tone. The boards have a marked and widespread presence of firm, filled or partially filled knots, even of large dimensions, filled or open cracks and typically characteristics of the wood species. Some boards may contain sapwood. In the Mareggiata versions of the wood surface emphasizes the structure oof the knots, the cracks, the fillings and the most authentic characteristics of the wood species.


Available only for Slide and Foxtrot with top layer 1mm thick

Straight grain, substantially homogeneous colour. Presence of small knots, sometimes open, and typical characteristics of the wood species.

Wood is a natural and variegated material.

The open fissures that are standard features of the product may be come marked should the wood floor be exposed to particularly severe climate conditions.

Wood naturally undergoes swelling or shrinking depending on the moisture and temperature conditions it is exposed to. Strong variations of these conditions can cause detachment or cracks of the filler.

Listone Giordano Atelier wood flooring collections feature uneven shape and appearence typical of a handmade product. Visible difference between planks or within the same plank ex) uneven and/or rough surface, differences in hues etc. are not to be considered defects but rather represent the very essence of the product.

The hardwood flooring planks of Listone Giordano Natural Genius collection have the typical features of handmade products created in a limited production.

The handcrafted nature of the processes and treatments performed on the products of LG Atelier and LG Natural Genius collections means the result my differ between batches both in terms of surface and hue. In the case of matching several widths, the material supplied is likely to feature uneven hues.