6 May 2019

Listone Giordano General Info

Wood, a living material

Wood is a “living” material interacting with the environment and affected by external factors such as sunlight, temperature, air, moisture and daily use.


The colour of the wood largely depends on certain substances it contains, known as extractives. The colour of these substances is modified by exposure to air and light, so that the original colour of every parquet floor undergoes more or less marked transformations over time.

Due to high extractives content in tropical wood species, such as Iroko and Doussie, they are especially prone to chromatic changes usually evolving into darker brown hues, sometime creating different colour tones. Teak may initially show very conspicuous colour variations. These variations tend to diminish and disappear over time and the colour turns a consistent medium-light hue.

Oak features a fair colour stability. With exposure to light, it evolves into warmer hues, with yellow component becoming more prominent. This phenomenon occurs even in pigment finished products (ex. Michaelangelo and Grisaglie range)

Monteriggioni and Montesiepi initially show marked colour variations/contrasts. Over time, their appearance will tend to homogenize towards a more neutral and lighter grey tone. This evolution happens even without light and air exposure and it’s due to the natural colour change of the surface treatment.

Mirantico shows colour variations/contrasts ranging from beige to charcoal grey tones with grape pomace hues. Over time the evolution of the natural pigments creates a golden trace, particularly in the brushed areas.

Long exposure of some wood species, including the products of Michaelangelo and Grisaglie ranges, to intense and direct sunlight, for instance near a French window, may cause discoloration (UV Rays produce these effects on many materials other than wood.) In order to limit this phenomenon, we recommend using curtains, screen glasses with tempered film protector or special UV Filtering films to be applied to the glazing.