28 Jun 2019

LG Slide by Daniele Lago

LG Slide is a decorative line featured in our Listone Giordano Italian Wood Collection, available exclusively available at Marble Trend.

This unique Listone Giordano collection was designed by Daniele Lago. He attended the Italian School of Design in Padua. He joined the family’s company at a very young age, where he started as a designer by designing right from the start the guidelines of Daniele Lago’s identity. After his arrival, the company focused its know-how on a contemporary product by using new communication channels with an innovative style.

Today, Daniele Lago is the company’s Art Director and CEO. The long period in close contact with production issues, his ability to define effective marketing strategies and at the same time experiment with new communication channels made Daniele Lago a designer who refined his creative qualities on the field, by developing a professional approach close to manufacturing dynamics and with a focus on evolving markets. He designed all the products currently in the company’s catalogue. Research, innovation, change, aesthetic rigour that does not leave room for decoration for its own sake, functional design focusing on an essential style for the home: these are the keywords featured in Daniele Lago’s work.


For the first time in the flooring world, with LG Slide in the Natural Genius Collection by Listone Giordano, the end user, interior designer or anyone is given the chance to choose the design for their floor. You get them involved, you get them to take part. Participation, in fact, is a vibration of this age”. This is the philosophy with which Daniele Lago created LG Slide, the collection that combines geometry and mathematics to generate horizontal and vertical patterns. Actual interior design surfaces where the magic of transcendental numbers turns the rectangular shapes of the common wooden boards into lozenges, creating endless modular compositions. Who said geometry can’t be fun?