17 Jul 2020

Kreoo Warranty

Duration: Warranty duration is fixed in 1 year and begins from the date of the shipping document.

Warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • For damages caused by normal wear and tear and improper use of the product
  • For damages caused by non-compliance of instructions of use, maintenance and cleaning (as described in the
    technical sheets)
  • For colour variations due to exposure to sunlight or artificial light. A colour and vein difference is non-contiguous wood items is natural.
  • For damages caused by prolonged use of the product in a not-suitable environment for extreme temperature, high humidity and other climatic agents.

Warranty decays:

  • For damages to individual components due to faulty installation, for water and electrical connections performed by unskilled staff and /or not complying with the applicable rules of the Country.
  • For damages due to shipment and installation
  • For damages due to dismantling and manipulating products without Kreoo Authorization
  • For damages due to use of products, not supplied by Kreoo

Marble is a natural material, subject to significant colour variations. Therefore each piece may have veins, colour differences, mineral intrusions, pores and grouting.


  • Clean with normal neutral detergents with low alkaline content. We do not recommend the use of aggressive products such as anti-lime, acids, abrasives, degreasers, alcohol.