6 Sep 2016

Kreoo Tribute to JFK & Jackie O

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Author: Kelsey Kamentz
Date: 6 September 2016

Kreoo Product Spotlight – John and Jackie

In life there are icons of culture and icons of design. Many times one inspires another. This is certainly true of Kreoo’s latest releases, “John and Jackie” which were inspired by the personas of some of America’s most beloved figures.

John and Jackie

“John” and “Jackie” marble tables were designed as a tribute to these incredible people who were the embodiment of America’s passion and class.

With true icons, their personalities becomes a style all their own. That’s definitely the case for the Kennedys. Their style diffused into the culture, with far reaching effects on design and creative thought. Even half a century later, their iconic style shows up in today’s greatest designs. Like many mid-century designs, “John” and “Jackie” – Kreoo’s latest releases designed by Stebastiano Zilio – take their inspiration from the distinct personalities of JFK and Jackie O.



“John” features strong lines, and bold angles. The almost abstract, geometric shape evokes the charisma and determination of the man it represents.

The “John” design incorporates up to six different shades of marble. It’s design adapts to any space while creating a overlapping presentation of color and stone.


Jackie in Onice Capuccino

Sinuous and dynamic, “Jackie” offers a subtle femininity that is bold and yet refined. In contrast to “John”, a single shade of marble makes up this table in order to accentuate the fluidity of her design.

Fresh and classic, these stunning designs display an artistic range of shape, color and texture. In both pieces, a metal rim accentuates each precisely-cut stone segment like a frame around a work of art.

For these very special pieces, “John & Jackie” come in select precious marbles. Dramatic veining characterizes each recommended stone: Onice Cielo, Calacatta Dorato and Nero Portoro.

Photo via Twitter @Purapietra

At their debut at ICFF 2016, “John and Jackie” debuted with a glossy finish, but they are also available in matte and feature several metal options.