24 May 2019

Kreoo Filigrana for Nabhi Collection

Kreoo offers a variety of decorative finishes included in the Kreoo Nabhi collection called Kreoo Filigrana. The Filigrana  finishes and fittings are designed by Enzo Berti to enhance the flexible bowls and washbasins to bring tactile sensations and play of lights.

↓ Download Filigrana PDF

Filigrana 1: a delicate classic sign that recalls the ornament of acanthus leaves typical of decoration and Corinthian capitals of Ancient Greece.

Filigrana 2: elegant sticks scattered apparently random like in game of Shanghai. It is a decoration mentioned in an elegant way, an aesthetic render that celebrates the aesthetic properties of marble.

Filigrana 3: a detailed engraving inspired by gold filigree, precious and slightly raised. This finishing gives movement and unexpected softness to sink and create extremely sweet and feminine atmospheres.