9 Jun 2014

Top 5 uses for marble in glamorous bathrooms

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 9 June 2014

Looking for a way to take your bathroom from average to spectacular?  At Kreoo, the answer is always marble.  Natural marble gives any bathroom an expensive and luxurious feel.  Sadly, most people relegate marble to the counters.

In truth, marble is one of the most versatile materials you can use a bathroom.  Still few people naturally think of marble as a workable resource.  To amend that tragic way of thinking, here are the top 5 ways you can use marble in your high-end bath remodel!

1.  Luxe Seating


Kreoo Vis a Vis

A spa-like experience is nothing without a proper relaxation area. Kreoo’s Vis A Vis chaise lounge, complete with a stunning marble base, was used in Master Salon at this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Designed by interiors expert Jaimie Belew, this chaise goes to show just how creative designers can get with natural stone.

2.  Statement Sinks


Nabhi Bowl No.1

The Nabhi Bowl No. 1 by Kreoo is a gorgeous example of nature inspired design. Natural stone sinks are an easy way to bring refinement and the look of quality to the bathroom.

3.   Marble Fireplace 


4.   Marble Floors 


Ok, you caught us. This isn’t a bathroom. But we had to include it to show what’s possible when working with expert marble artisans like those at Decormarmi! Just imagine! Walking into your master bath, feet gliding across the cool stone mosaic you helped design yourself! If that’s not luxury, then nothing is.

5.  Marble Statement Wall



Kreoo Hana

One of our favorite ways to incorporate marble in bathroom design is to the massive statement wall. Again, the versatility of marble is amazing! You can alter the mood of your space with one design choice.

Create a soft, inviting area with a delicate marble tile. (Like Hana by Kreoo in the top image) Or go bold, go magnetic; with a jaw-dropping floor to ceiling marble slab.

Whatever direction your design takes, marble will always be there, ready to work with you and make your imagination come to life.

Kreoo is all about marble! Browse our marble bath designs, or let us help you create your own marble masterpiece!