24 Mar 2014

Understanding Your Options in Custom Cut Stone for the Home Edits

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 24 March 2014

Beyond Bathrooms – Marble in interior design

When it comes to durable, beautiful building materials, nothing trumps natural stone. Any way you look at it, natural stone is the epitome of luxury, quality and beauty. Of course, different stones are better suited for different purposes. Any prospective stone owner needs to understand the difference between mass-produced stone products and custom cut stone.

Mass-produced products are usually restricted to the basics: flooring, sinks and countertops. Custom-cut stone however, has unlimited potential!

Walls and Floors

Marble cladding is a great option for walls and floors. It’s a fresh change from traditional hardwood or carpeting. Choices range from classic flat marble, to hand laid mosaic tile, to three-dimensional designs with multiple shades of marble.


Kreoo Rose


Marble tables featuring a delicate design with high quality construction and bring a touch of the unexpected to any living area.



Shelving can also combine the beauty and strength of Italian marble with warmth of natural wood.

shiro 3

Kreoo Shiro


Seating in particular is a great way to add unexpected artistry to a room. Kreoo’s OASI seating line features custom-cut marble with a heat-treated ash seat for durability and uncompromising style. Another prime example is our Vis-à-Vis chaise. This style screams sophistication with a pair of wicker chaise lounges supported mid-air, attached to a marble center support via steel arms.

Kreoo OASI system

Kreoo Oasi

Kreoo Vis a Vis

Kreoo Pedina in Nero Marquina

Kreoo Pedina Torre

Kreoo’s multipurpose “Pedina Torre” was designed by Enzo Berti. This is an evolving system, meaning that it can change to fit the owner’s needs. In its base form, it is a custom cut stone stool (made from luscious Italian marble). But it can be customized with a round tray of the same stone, transforming it into a beautiful marble table.


One of the best features of natural marble is its design flexibility. It’s understated enough to add subtle elegance to a space. But used correctly, the stone can easily become the centerpiece of any room.

Ballerina Statue

Kreoo designers are masters at hand crafting the fine lines of sculptures. And while there are many pre-designed statues available, perhaps the best use of custom-cut marble is to bring the homeowner’s unique design to life.